Senior School Administration

The Prince of Wales Senior School Administration is a well structured body of leadership that mans the daily affairs of the school. It is headed by an elected Principal, Vice Principals and Senior Teachers. As a tradition, the principal is elected by members of the Old Prince Waleans Association (OPWA).

The administration's main priority is to ensure that princewaleans get best learning experience, thereby empowering them to emerge with exceptional performances in public exams, innovation and extra-curricular activities.

The Senior School is renown for its outstanding science department which has for many years top nation-wide competitions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Principal (Senior School)

Mr. George Ablodun Lefevre


Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged
citizens and leaders in a complex world


The School's Science Division nationally stands out as the best. Students here change and impact the lives.

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With strong emphasies on artistic proclivity, the Art Division produces the best of minds in all art sub-disciplines.

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Eminent business entrepreneurs across the country schooled at the school's Business Division...

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