Sport and Games

Sport and Games have been at the heart of the POWS Society. Princewaleans
are not just execellent at academics but they also do quite well in sports.
The school every year holds its Sport and Games competition on school ground.

Sport & Games at POWS

Sport and games plays an important role in the POWS society. Princewaleans hold to heart the love of sport and very much cherish the symphony of games. The school traditionally has four houses:

1. Mansfield | Blue House
2. Macauley | Green House
3. Granville | Red House
4. Wilberforce | Yellow House

Every year the school holds an annual sport and games meeting on the school ground. This is usually held in the 2nd week of April. Prince of Wales School is known to be the only school across the country that gives medals and cups to Sport and Game winners. The school also has Cricket, Basketball, Sash and football teams.


Mansfield stands out as the most prestigious house in the school with a vast majority of its members making up most of the school's board of executives. Mansfielders couldn't be more proud.

The house also holds a unique trend of excellence in sport with 5yrs of consective wins .


Macauley House - the "greenman's land house" holds a strong stand on field events wins over the recent years. It is the house of great athlets. These go way back in the early 70's.

The house merge out to be the 2nd most prestigious house in the school, with strong field events wins over the last five years.


"The mighty Granville House" poses much of its might in the early trends of sport and games in the school, holding most of the wins in both track and field events.

Granville has been struggling in recent years with procuring good athlets. However they show much strenth in games like soccer and basketball.


The house of Wilberforce, makes sport even more fun at Prince of Wales School as they house multi-talented athlets- who cannot only do sport but can dance, sing or jump while doing it. This makes them so unique.

However the house of Wilberforce have not been making wins lately, this is mostly due to athlets not showing up for practice.