Science Stream

Princewaleans now have online access to the school's learning curricullum,
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Science Stream At POWS

Standing out as the school's best division, POWS Science Stream is the home of doers, with a long history of producing the nation's best of scientists, engineers and innovators.

At this division princewaleans are being taught the very fundamentals of science, its useful applications and how these applications have helped reshape our world.

Princewaleans here are encouraged to build things using intuition and knowledge ranging from a self-taught perspective to knowledge gained from teachers in the school.

Remarkable Science Accomplishments

Best Science School
(2014, 2016, 2018)

1st at Further maths
Alhaji Kanneh(2014)

Home of the prodigy
Kelvin Doe (2012)

Science Admission Requirement

The Admission requirement for science at POWS is one which seeks young minds with the willingness and energy to learn, build and invent things. Newly admitted princewaleans are therefore expected to bear this in mind throughout their stay in the school.

Young minds seeking to study science at POWS are reuired to meet the following:

1. Must pass the BECE Exam with an aggr NOT more than 20
2. Must pass Integrated Science with a score between 1 - 4
3. Must pass Mathematics with a score between 1 - 4

DIY Projects & Research

Science Princewaleans work studiously to bringout the best possible solutions to problems. The school creates such a competitive environment with hands-on tools for ideas to become reality. The school's well equipped labs are major examples of these tools.

Do It Yourself (DIY) projects strongly demonstrate how princewaleans here make progressive changes in societies. The science division is full of very professional and talented teachers and innovation coaches.

Exclusive POWS DIY Projects

Bicycle Generator
Brima Bangura(2014)

Learning Robot
Mohamed Harding(2014)

Radio Station
Kelvin Doe (2012)