Senior School

Prefectorial Board

The school's prefectorial board is a disciplinary student body that helps
maintain decency, order and respect of the school's Code of Conduct.

SSS Prefectorial Board

The school's Prefectorial board is a student-disciplinary body that helps the school's adminstration maintain law and order in the school. The school's disciplinary committtee chooses from amongst the best princewaleans in the school to become School Prefects. These accounts for a Princewalean's behavioural and academic attributes.

The Prefectorial Board is head by the Senior Prefect- a title which must be rigorously earned. The Senior Prefect governs the board - bearing the power to discipline students and even prefects for going against the codes and conducts of the prefectorial baord. For detail explanation kindly read the Prefect Hand Book on the left.