Princewaleans now have online access to the school's learning curricullum,
recommended books, class notes, grades, report cards, student ID and many more for easy learning.

News at POWS

News on campus and around the world

Prince of Wales News team responsible for news updates is known as The News Journal. The News Journal like the L&DS also runs democratically. The body provides the school with stories happening on a daily basis around campus.

The Journal gives Princewaleans the platform to share their thoughts and feelings about anything going on in the school. Princewaleans can express their perspectives through writing or orally during L&DS Sessions.


Latest News In School

Latest News

POWS Ranks 2nd at WASSCE 2018

Prince of Wales School takes a top lead again in the West African Senior School Examination (WASSCE). The school's Albert D. Bangura ranks second with 5A's including four science core subjects. Followed by Albert was Amadu Jalloh with 4A's including three science core subjects.

For years the school suffered manupulation of results as brilliant princewaleans happen not to get the result they so well deserve.

Not withstanding Princewaleans continue to prove their worth of excellence with exceptional performances in various universities across the country.

Former UK Prime Minister & Principal

In July 2018, Former UK Prime Minister, for the first time officially visited Prince of Wales School. The visit led by Alumnus Dr. David M. Sengeh, provided a platform for the school administration to gain aid from UK - the home of its founder (Prince Edward VIII).

Did you know? Prince Edward VIII founder of Prince of Wales School became the King of England.
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Computer Lab Upgrade and Wide-range WIFI at POWS

The school has been receiving tremendous supports from the Old Princewaleans Association in the diaspora. Recent supports include an updgrade of the school's computer lab and a wide-range WIFI network coverage in the school.

Princewaleans now have 24hrs access to internet connection in the school. The facility is mainly used for educational purposes as Princewaleans now have online access to the school's learning curricullum, recommended books, class notes, grades, report cards, student ID and many more for easy learning.

Innovation and DIY Projects

The world of invention in your hands

DIY Projects are the breathing ground for creativity and mastery of skills at POWS. Priincewaleans are encouraged to explore the possibilites of creating useful Technologies to combat problems around them.

Kelvin Doe Wows MIT 2012

POWS' Kelvin Doe also known as DJ Focus, is a Sierra Leonean engineer. He is known for teaching himself engineering at the age of 13 and building his own radio station in Sierra Leone, where he plays music and broadcasts news under the name "DJ Focus."

He was one of the finalists in GMin's Innovate Salone idea competition, in which Doe built a generator from scrap metals. Doe would constantly use discarded pieces of scrap to build transmitters, generators, and batteries, as well.

As a result of his accomplishment, he received an invitation to the United States and subsequently became the youngest person to participate in the "Visiting Practitioner's Program" at MIT.[3][4][5] His accomplishments were documented by RadicalMedia and presented on their corporate YouTube channel. When the video went viral, the story was picked up by CNN, NBC News, and The Huffington Post

Leadership & Mentorship

Former Alumus at Obama Foundation Africa Leader 2018

In the midst of outstanding learning paradigms the school holds firm credence in its Leadership and Innovation programs. Every other division of the school offers leadership and innovation driven activities for princewaleans to explore and understand how the real world works.

Programs include mentorships, hands-on project fair, leadership debates and innovation competitions.

Eminent Old Princewaleans provide leadership and mentorship to current princewaleans in these programs.