Leadership & Innovation

Princewaleans now have online access to the school's learning curricullum,
recommended books, class notes, grades, report cards, student ID and many more for easy learning.

Leadership & Innovation at POWS

In the midst of outstanding learning paradigms the school holds firm credence in its Leadership and Innovation programs. Every other division of the school offers leadership and innovation driven activities for princewaleans to explore and understand how the real world works.

Programs include mentorships, hands-on project fair, leadership debates and innovation competitions.

Eminent Old Princewaleans provide leadership and mentorship to current princewaleans in these programs.

Eminent Supporting Princewaleans

Dr. David M. Sengeh
(Minister & CIO)

Ing. Bashiru Bunduka
(Mining Engineer & Physicist)

Ing. John Alpha

Being Mentored

Former Alumus at Obama Foundation Africa Leader 2018

The school's mentorship program is an exclusive leadership training program with life changing experiences as Old Princewaleans pave the way for talents to be spotted.

POWS' Dr. David M. Sengeh creates such ground for young innovative minds to peak world wide recognition. Princewaleans get to meet mentors in person and share their views and perspectives about innovation and leadership.

DIY Projects & Research

Kelvin Doe at Work

DIY Projects are the breathing ground for creativity and mastery of skills at POWS. Priincewaleans are encouraged to explore the possibilites of creating useful Technologies to combat problems around them.