Senior School

Literary & Debating Society

The school's L&DS is a traditional student body formed with the aim
of establishing leadership training platforms for all princewaleans. It is compulsory for all Princewaleans.

Literary and Debating Society

Prince of Wales Literary and Debating Society is known to be the most prestigious student body in the school and as in most cases, across the country. The society embodies itself with incredible talents ranging from sound articulators down to brilliant entertainers and comedians.

For decades POWS L&DS have been the birthplace of great speakers acrosss the country. Much of such glory boils down to the very gifted and professional teachers the school bears.

The society is completely democratic, with executives being democratically voted into office. Elections are held every year for change of executives.

Remarkable L&DS Presidents

Brian Sita Kargbo
(Class of 2014)

Andrew Washington
(Class of 2017)

Brian Sita Kargbo

Constitution and Elections

The School's L&DS was constitutional founded, with a strong democratic leadership structure. Major leadersip titles include: President, Vice-President and Governors. Democratic elections are held every year for change of leadership. Every Princewalean bears the right to campaign or vote in their desired aspirants as stated in the constitution.

Elections are usually conducted by the leaving government with the aid of teachers' supervision of the process. The winner is often sworn into office on the following week of the elections. Below is a copy of the L&DS Constitution.

POWS L&DS Departments

The society has three main departments: Science, Art and Business, headed by governors. Each of the governors represents one of the streams, thus we have:

1. Governor of Science
2. Governor of Art
3. Governor of Business

Under each governor is a whole body of leadership whose duty is to provide the stream they represent with necessary benefits or opportunities from the society. The constitution explains in detail the leadership structure and reponsibilities.

L&DS Friday Gathering

Prince of Wales L&DS normally holds its weekly gathering in front of the science block just after lunch on Fridays. It is a must for all Princewaleans to attend.

The gathering happens to be an important of aspect of the school's learning curricullum. Activities like debates, quiz competitions, poem recitations along with entertainment are at the heart of the program.