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The School's Science Division nationally stands out as the most exceptional. Students here change and impact the world around them...


With strong emphasies on artistic proclivity, the Art Division breeds the best of minds in sub-disciplines like politics, law and social sciences...


Eminent business leaders and entrepreneurs across the country schooled at the school's Business Division. They today shape the path of progressive economic development...

Leadership & Innovation

This Division is an embodiment of courses common to the Science, Art and Business divisions. Students learn the fundamentals of how the real world works...

Since its establishment, Prince of Wales School has demonstrated, with consistency, an affinity for excellence in education by relentlessly providing a model for a progessive and high quality education at secondary
level in Sierra Leone.


Prince of Wales school has for many years breed the best of minds in numerous prefessions across the country. We nuture both the minds and skills of our students with progressive learning paradigms. A system in which students are encouraged to expand the possibilities of knowledge with strict adherence to academic and social integerity. With strong belief in religious tolerance, students are encouraged to exercise their religious obligations at appropriate times during school day. Princewaleans use knowledge combined with intuition to enhance positive change around them and around the world.

Literary and Debating Society
(L&DS weekly gathering)

Eminent Alumni

"Though scattered far we seldom meet the friends our boyhood knew, Old joys and griefs in memory dwell, toned down to sober hue, And as some well remembered name grows great, we glow with pride, To think that in our youthful days, we struggled at his side." -Verse 4 of Schoolsong

Senior Staff Members

We breed the best of minds with need-based solutions for a world with enormous problems