Art Stream

Princewaleans now have online access to the school's learning curricullum,
recommended books, class notes, grades, report cards, student ID and many more for easy learning.

Art Stream At POWS

Prince of Wales Art Stream is an exclusive division housing sound minds and gifted speakers of law, democracy and governance.

Art Princewaleans share one of the school's major ethos- Profound Articulation- being trained to speak boldy and correctly to large audiences. Such a skill is shaped through the School's Literary and Debating Society.

The Art stream runs the Literary and Debating Society - known the be the best in the country.

Remarkable L&DS Presidents

Brian Sita Kargbo
(Class of 2014)

Andrew Washington
(Class of 2017)

Brian Sita Kargbo

Art Admission Requirements

The School's L&DS was constitutional founded, with a strong democratic leadership structure. Major leadersip titles include: President, Vice-President and Governors. Democratic elections are held every year for change of leadership. Every Princewalean bears the right to campaign or vote in their desired aspirants as stated in the constitution.

Elections are usually conducted by the leaving government with the aid of teachers' supervision of the process. The winner is often sworn into office on the following week of the elections. Below is a copy of the L&DS Constitution.