Senior School


The Senior School is divided into three major academics
Science, Art and Business. Aside is a cross-academic body known as Leadership & Innovation

Senior School Academics

Prince of Wales Senior School has three distinct major academics or streams: Science, Art and Business. Each of these divisions holds pivotal importance to a Princewalean's future career. Princewaleans are therefore encouraged to carefully opt for any of the academics based on proper self-evaluation provided they qualify for such academic.

Usually during admission, pupils' scores in each core subject for a particular stream determine their placement in such stream. Pupils have the sole right to choose any stream they so well desire, bearing in mind that they must meet the requirement for the stream of their choice.

The School also recently established a cross-academic division known as Leadership and Innovation. This divison cut across every other division. It core ideal is that of leadership training through innovative initiatives. Every Princewalean is expected to partake.